Epson T0483 Magenta Bottled Ink 250ml M72/250
  • Model: GT-OCP-M72-250
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4000Kilo
Excl. VAT: £3.07 Incl. VAT: £3.68
of OCP Ink for cartridges:

C6578 (No.78)

Deskjet 930c, Color Copier 180, Color Copier 280, Deskjet 6122, Deskjet 9300, Digital Copier 310, Fax 1220, Officejet 5110, Officejet G85, Officejet K 60, Officejet V40, Photosmart p1000/1000, Photosmart P1100, Photosmart 1215, Photosmart 1315, PSC 760, PSC 950 xi, Deskjet 920c, Deskjet 940c, Deskjet 950c, Deskjet 960c, Deskjet 970cse, Deskjet 980c, Deskjet 990cm, Deskjet 1180c, Deskjet 1220c, Deskjet 3810, Color Copier 310, Fax 1230, Deskjet 1220cxi, Deskjet 1220cse, Deskjet 1220c/PS, Fax 1220 xi, Fax 1230 xi, Officejet G55, Officejet G95, Officejet K80, Photosmart 1218, Deskjet 1280, Color Copier 190, Color Copier 290, Deskjet 3816, Deskjet 3820, Deskjet 3822, Deskjet 6127, Officejet 5110xi, Officejet G55xi, Officejet G85xi, Officejet K60xi, Officejet K80xi, Officejet V40xi, Photosmart P1100xi, Photosmart 1215vm, Photosmart 1218xi, PSC 720, PSC 950, Deskjet 916c, Deskjet 920cxi, Deskjet 920cvr, Deskjet 932c, Deskjet 935c, Deskjet 930cm, Deskjet 920cw, Deskjet 933c, Deskjet 934c, Deskjet 940cvr, Deskjet 940cw, Deskjet 940cxi, Deskjet 948c, Deskjet 952c, Deskjet 955c, Deskjet 959c, Deskjet 957c, Deskjet 960cse, Deskjet 960cxi, Deskjet 970cxi, Deskjet 980cxi, Deskjet 990cse, Deskjet 990cxi, Deskjet 995c, Deskjet 995ck, Deskjet 3820v, Deskjet 3820w, Officejet 5110v, Officejet K60, Officejet V45, Officejet V30, Photosmart p1000xi, Photosmart P1115, Color Copier 210/XL

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