OCP Ink BKP 249 (HP 336,339,56,27 Black)
  • Model: GT-OCP-BKP249
  • Shipping Weight: 1.0000Kilo
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1 litre of OCP Ink for cartridges: HP 337,336,339,338,56,27 Waterproof

The Multi Purpose Black Ink for OCP

Lexmark  10N0016E (16)

HP  CZ117AL (No.670XL)

HP  C9351C (No. 21XL)

HP  C9364 (No.98, 337, 129, 851)

HP  C4844A (No.10)

Lexmark  10N0217E (17)

HP  CZ121AA (No.685)

HP  CB316 (No. 564, 364, 178, 862)

HP  CB335 (No. 74, 350, 140, 860)

HP  51645 A (No.45)

Lexmark  18C0032E (32)

HP  CZ101AE (No.650)

HP  CB321 (No. 564XL, 364XL, 178XL, 862XL)

HP  CB336 (No. 74XL, 350XL, 140XL, 860XL)

HP  C8727 (No.27)

Lexmark  18C0034E (34XL)

HP  CZ103A (No.662)

HP  CD971A (No.920)

HP  C4936A (No.18)

HP  C6615 (No.15)

HP  CZ105A (No.662 XL)

HP  CD975A (No.920XL)

HP  CB334AE (No. 54)

HP  C6656 (No.56)

HP  CZ107AA (No.678)

HP  CH565A (No.82)

HP  CC640 (No.60, 300, 121, 818)

HP  C8765 (No.94, 338, 131, 852)

HP  CZ637AA (No.46)

HP  CN684 (No.564XL, 364XL, 178XL, 862XL)

HP  CC641 (No.60XL, 300XL, 121XL, 818XL)

HP  C8767 (No.96, 339, 130, 853)

HP  C2P04A (No.62)

HP  CZ109AE (No.655)

HP  CC653A (No.901)

HP  C9351A (No.21)

HP  C2P05A (No.62XL)

HP  CZ113AL (No.670)

HP  CC654A (No.901XL)

HP  C9362 (No.92, 336,132,850)

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